Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Standard Bearer of the Fire

I seem to remember a quote that went something like - "Don't slow down and you'll never run out." I feel like it was by Tom Petty - and I just found it - "Never slow down and you never grow old." Fittingly, it is from Last Dance with Mary Jane. I've been doing what I can to embody this lately and it could not be more true.

So anyway, the point of this post is twofold. First, I'm pumped for Brian's birthday and I intend to pop all the stops and have an incredible weekend. Amazing how much mindset affects the quality of life we lead.

Second, I feel like it's time to show the fire again in my personal/social life. I've been just cranking so hard and so focused on getting my finances and career right I've let myself lose some of the fire from my social life. It all goes back to getting lured into becoming something I'm not toward the end of college and now I'm fully back out there with the fire in my eyes getting after it. I'm also going to get back out there and meet a chick and do something I'd regret if I had any space in my life for regrets.

Blogging is rather self-indulgeant isn't it? I mean, I'm just sitting here talking about myself to nobody. How silly is that, when did it become okay to have such a singular internal focus?

Alright, momentary serious moment. I'm raising the banner of fire this weekend and I'll report back with the results. I'm feeling like the fucking man right now. Reminds me of 'My New Haircut' - 'Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone.'

Rule number 1 - Show Heart

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